Electrolysis works by using an electric current to permanently destroy hair follicles. It is a delicate and meticulous process due to the fact that each hair must be individually treated by our electrologist. Therefore, achieving optimal results from the treatment requires multiple visits to our Ottawa skin care clinic. There is no such thing as a standard number of visits that the average person will need to make for the treatment. How often you return to the clinic will depend heavily on factors like diet and health, genetics, hormones, how much hair needs to be removed, the size of the area being treated, and what you have done in the past to slow or eliminate hair growth.

Electrolysis OttawaAs you may be aware, laser hair removal is ineffective on individuals with blonde, grey, or red hair since the treatment works by targeting pigment. These individuals do not have sufficient amount of pigment in their hair in order to make laser hair reduction effective. Because there is currently no light-based technology available to treat these hair colours, electrolysis is the only permanent hair removal option for these individuals.

Areas of the body that can be treated with electrolysis include the abdomen, legs, breasts, face, and eyebrows. Generally speaking, as a non-invasive treatment, and it does not have any significant side effects. Sometimes patients will temporarily experience slight redness and/or tenderness of the skin. Our skin care specialists will be able to recommend some topical creams to apply to the treated area in order to reduce discomfort, redness and moisturize the dermal tissue.

In terms of pricing, each minute of the treatment will cost $1.10 (minimum of 10-minute session).

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