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Are you tired of the itch and burn of shaving? Do you feel frustrated when you notice stubble and regrowth just hours after you shave? It’s time to start waxing!

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Simplify Your Beauty Regime with Waxing

The Huffington Post ranked shaving as women’s most-hated beauty ritual. If you haven’t already considered switching to waxing as part of your beauty regime, here are our top reasons why it’s time to throw out your razor and come in for a wax:

  • Lasts longer than shaving (3 – 6 weeks)
  • Reduces the chance of scarring and rashes
  • Skin will feel smoother without the itch of regrowth
  • With regular waxing, hair will most likely grow slower and finer than before

At our Ottawa skincare clinic, we use Azulene Soft wax—a safe and effective waxing solution for any skin type. This soft wax is safe to use on sensitive skin, and leaves your skin hair-free and smooth to the touch.

How to Prepare

This checklist can help you prepare for your waxing appointment. Before coming in, you should:

  • Make sure you have an appropriate amount of hair growth for a waxing treatment (1/8 to ¼ of an inch)
  • Check for irritation or skin breakage—you will want healed skin for your treatment
  • Exfoliate the treatment area
  • Moisturize the morning of your appointment so the hair is softer for removal

If you have any questions about this checklist, please do not hesitate to ask them during your free consultation!

Post-Treatment Care

After you have received your waxing service, we recommend:

  • You avoid swimming and the sauna for 24 hours
  • Avoid tanning for at least one week
  • Moisturize to keep regrowth soft and avoid ingrown hairs
  • If your waxing service was performed in an intimate area, avoid showering with hot water immediately after your appointment

If you have any questions about the items listed above, or want advice on what products to use if you’re prone to ingrown hairs, we are happy to offer our recommendations!

Waxing FAQ

Will my hair grow back darker or thicker than before?

No. Waxing does not change the colour of your hair, and with regular waxing your hair will become sparser.

Does waxing hurt?

Most clients say the experience isn’t as bad as they imagined. Depending on how sensitive you are, where you are getting waxed, and how coarse your hair is, the level of comfort will vary. For a first-time wax, the experience will be less pleasant than on your second or third wax for the same treatment area.

Does waxing irritate the skin?

Most clients experience temporary redness in the hours following a treatment. If your hair follicles are larger than average, you may experience more redness for up to 24 hours. If you would like to know how your skin reacts before a treatment, ask for a test patch to be performed on your lower leg in your consultation.

Will I get ingrown hairs?

Ingrown hairs are a possibility after waxing, but there are ways to prevent them. Exfoliating the treatment area once a week plus regular moisturizing are great ways to reduce the chance of ingrown hairs. We also recommend you wear loose clothing in the days following a treatment.

Can waxing cause hyperpigmentation?

No, waxing does not cause hyperpigmentation. However, if you have tanned prior to your waxing appointment, the treatment will exfoliate your skin and you could experience some skin lightening. Also, if you expose the treatment area to the sun directly following a treatment, you can burn. It’s important to avoid tanning following your treatment.

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