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New to Dermis Skincare: Organic Boost Treatments!

We were approached by a client late last year asking if we provided treatments for someone undergoing radiation therapy…and the answer was no, as skin care therapists we are trained to be extremely wary of conditions that may cause complications especially where the face is concerned. That question though, got our attention and we got to work on a solution.

Patients undergoing treatment with Accutane and Chemotherapy can now rejoice over a new treatment designed specifically for the needs of their skin.These soothing treatments, offered exclusively at Dermis, will rejuvenate the skin safely with no harmful interaction with Chemotherapy or Accutane medications or treatments.

Since these treatments are exclusively designed for people with compromised skin health, we have pulled out all the stops to pamper their skin!

Using certified pure organic ingredients like colliodal silver, green tea, gingko, bamboo, rosehip, arnica, acai, chamomile and calendula. Ginko Biloba has been used as a preventative for memory loss, and together with the herb Arnica improve bloodflow in the capillaries of the face. The goal is to hydrate, prevent further damage and to protect the skin. Each treatment is customised to the individual’s needs.

Organic Hydration Boost – Accutane Users ~ 50mins $110
Organic Immunity Boost – Chemotherapy Patients ~ 50mins $110
Organic Phyto-Nutrient Boost – Radiation Therapy Patients ~ 50mins $110

Through good skin care, we can help these patients look and feel better. It is wise to select skin care products that do not contain synthetic fragrances, colors or other known sensitizers to avoid instigating any reactions.We recommend appropriate home care to maintain treatment results at home.


Note: Please consult with your oncologist prior to beginning any new treatments or regimens.